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Interview with Jackson Guthy

Jackson Guthy

You know you'll go far when you have insanely famous for good reasons Randy Jackson as your general manager. But that's not why Jackson Guthy is famous. Jackson is the latest teen heart throb to be al...(in stores: 1/1/15)

Interview with The Summer Set

The Summer Set

Back in late February on a cold night in Cambridge, I got the chance to catch back up with Music Remedy mainstays The Summer Set yet got a bit of a different perspective of the band. We've steadily in...(in stores: 4/16/13)

Interview with New Found Glory

New Found Glory

This next band I interviewed is Florida pop punk legends New Found Glory. These icons have been the inspiration for many touring acts to form and still sell out their tour dates around the world. With...(in stores: 10/8/13)

Interview with Rocket and The Ghost

Rocket and The Ghost

This next band hooked me with their debut single, "Goodbye"! The breakout single got the crowd moving at their first Boston show as a band ever and was a good indication of how huge this band can be....(in stores: 11/5/13)

Interview with Magic Man

Magic Man

Boston music scene is a scene where you can find at least six or seven live awesome bills a night and one of the bands that broke out of that music scene are pop hearthrobs in Magic Man. The band has ...(in stores: 9/10/13)

Interview with Cody Simpson

Cody Simpson

While I typically head out to punk and rock shows, I took a different step out on Monday night to cover the Acoustic Sessions tour which featured pop sensation Cody Simpson in the headlining position....(in stores: 7/16/13)

Interview with The Word Alive

The Word Alive

In first week of touring season for the new year, I caught up with everyone from EDM acts to pop stars, from Datsik to Cody Simpson, but one band that has always been a interview request for me are th...(in stores: 7/3/12)

Interview with Man Overboard

Man Overboard

Pop punk shows are nothing but a good time and one of those bands that always brings is the loved New Jersey boys in Man Overboard. Kings of DefendPopPunk.com have been touring non stop since the inc...(in stores: 5/28/13)

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